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Cats have special needs when they are away from home that are definetely different from dogs. They are also very much in charge. They are territorial creatures of habit. They prefer to sleep in their own bed and don't want their meal schedule to change.  Cats love to climb high and find places to hide. We provide both with safety in mind. Our rooms have great windows to look out of and new cushy places to take a long cat nap.


We have taken care of many cats over the years ... all ages and breeds. We work very hard to minimize the stress of change that some cats experience. One cat we took care of liked to take showers at home so we also let him take a shower here. He loved it.



Cat Care


                      We also realize that unless cats have dogs at home they                             don't like to hear them close by. We minimize any issues                           with dogs barking by providing soft music or TV in the                               private suites when occupied by finicky cats.


                               Our goal is to send the cats back home

                                        relaxed and rested.


                             Bart's is the Purrrrrfect place for your  

                                           cat to vacation.


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