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About us

We are a true Bed and Biscuit because it is in our home. We are located in the beautiful Finger Lakes of NY on 7 wooded acres and our home overlooks Honeoye Lake.


When you bring your furry loved ones to us for safekeeping while you are out of town, they don't go into a cage or a run, they hang out with us on the couch. Many places call themselves a bed and biscuit but we really are one. Many of our guests were rescues and they don't want to go into a cage while their family goes on vacation. They can feel abandoned again and some worry so much that they make themselves sick. If your babies are well socialized they can hang out with our dogs and cats in the living room. If they need a private room we have several to choose from. If they are used to sleeping with you we will sleep with them. We work to keep their surroundings and experience as close to their home life as possible.


Robin has 32 years experience caring for animals and she has 5 years experience working for a Vet and 17 years operating the Bed and Biscuit.


There is someone here 24/7. Our guests are never alone. They go home happy, calm and relaxed!


At Bart's Bed and Biscuit you get Hugs and Kisses whenever you need them!

“I'm Bart. I was abandoned on a road in Houston when I was almost 2 y/o. Robin found me under her car and took me to the vets where I recovered from all of my illnesses and after six weeks she took me home. We have been together ever since. She loves animals and takes real good care of them when they come to visit.


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