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Boarding & Daycare

We take extra special care of your precious pets whether they are here for the day or here for several weeks. We offer Daycare, overnight Boarding or care of your pets in your home (within 12 miles of the bed and biscuit).


We have several rooms available for pets who prefer not to socialize with other dogs or cats. They are bright and cheerful, air conditioned in the summer and warm and toasty in winter. Most of our current clients just hang out in the living room with the resident cats and dogs. It's like a big slumber party. We have dog and cat beds everywhere for guests and residents alike. We take every dog out on a leash so send their favorite one with them. That way we can keep track of their output for any signs of stress. A regular dog is a happy dog!

Robin takes good care of me when Mom is at work.

Daycare ... better known as Bart's Boot Camp

At the bed and biscuit, pets can come for the day with the primary goal of sending them home tired and ready to relax with their owners. We also help keep dogs with separation anxiety from being destructive.


An alternate of daycare at the B & B is going to the owner's home to take the dogs out and to spend some quality time with them while the owner is at work. At this time, we can only offer this service to owners who live within 12 miles of the B & B.

Pictorial report cards

The first time your furry baby (babies) stays with us, when you pick them up, you will receive a pictorial report card depicting their stay with us.


The report card serves as proof of the good time your pet had and the new friends they have made.

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